The Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism runs two year long cycles of classes.

All shamanism classes are experiential: shamanism is best taught through journeys guided by the spirits themselves.

There is no set curriculum, only a topic for each workshop. The spirits advise on which specific journeys to do each cycle.

In the first year, students learn fundamental journeying techniques as they meet different spirits in various realms.

In the second year, students learn shamanic healing.

Each class costs $50. A year's worth of classes costs $500, paid in advance, a savings of $100. Another benefit of paying in advance: if you miss a class, you can attend the following year's class for free.

We meet once a month on a Sunday at the Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, Maryland. Classes begin at 11am and run until 4pm, with an hour for lunch. Email me for details and the address of the teaching space.

A Year Long Class in Shamanism for Personal Use

  • January: Earth
  • February: Air
  • March: Water
  • April: Fire
  • May: Faeries
  • June: Spirits of Place
  • July: Animals, Plants and Mythical Beasts
  • August: Goddess, Starring the Swimming Pool
  • September: God
  • October: Shifting Shape and Size
  • November: Ancestors and Descendants: Working Through Time
  • December: Graduation from the Year Long Class in Personal Healing

In 2014, the first year classes will meet the second Sunday of each month. Students must attend 10 or more classes, or get permission from the instructor, to receive a certificate of participation and graduate from the Shamanism for Personal Use program. Students may then choose to attend the classes on Shamanic Healing, or not, as their personal preference dictates.

Shamanic Healing

  • January: Source and Void
  • February: Extraction: Finding your Spirit Partner and other Basics
  • March: Extraction: Stibnite
  • April: Working with Crystals and Minerals in Shamanic Healing
  • May: Gridding Clients with Crystals and Minerals for Shamanic Healing
  • June: Plant Spirits: Herbs and Shrubs
  • July: Plant Spirits: Nemeton, the Sacred Grove: taught by Gwendolyn Reece
  • August: The Illusions of Time and Space
  • September: Curse Breaking
  • October: House Clearing
  • November: Ethics in Shamanism: taught by Michael Reeder
  • December: Graduation

These classes will be available next starting in January, 2015. Students must attend 10 or more classes, or get permission from the instructor, to receive a certificate of participation and graduate from the Shamanic Healing program.


An exciting new series with an in depth focus on tarot and divination is being presented in 2014. More details to follow!

Crystal Healing Ceremonies

    In 2014, I will offer a series of shamanic healing ceremonies in alliance with crystals and minerals. Classes will be held on the first Sunday of each month at The Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, Maryland, starting at 11am and ending at 4pm. Each class costs $40, or students may purchase the entire series for $200, payable through Paypal to

    Monika Lonely Coyote will be assisting me in each two hour ceremony. We will then take an hour for lunch. We will spend the final two hours of the class discussing our experiences and how crystals and minerals can facilitate shamanic healing. Gary Wallace of Mahalo Minerals in Takoma Park, Maryland, will provide minerals for students to purchase, should they wish to do so.

  • Sunday, June 1: Crystals to Increase Psychism and Release Psychic Blockages
  • Sunday, July 6th: Crystals to Tone and Clear the Lowest Three Chakras
  • Sunday, August 3rd: Open Lughnasadh Ceremony and Picnic at Blueberry Gardens
  • Sunday, September 7th: Crystals for Psychic Protection
  • Sunday, October 5th: Crystals to Promote Physical Healing
  • Sunday, November 2nd: Crystals for Psychopomp Work, and Clearing Lineage and Karmic Attachments
  • Sunday, December 7th: Crystals to Heal Our Broken Hearts
  • See Calendar Page for information about dates!